The little things don’t matter.

Does it really matter if my stance is perfectly balanced?

Do I really need to get my hands on that exact spot for my block?

Does my first step really have to be 4 inches?

What’s the big deal?

These are such little things that can’t matter that much, right?


The little things generally make the difference between average players and good players.

The little things always make the difference between good players and great players.

One thing I realized very quickly in college was that I was not as strong as most of the guys I played with.

I was never going to win a starting job with brute force on the o-line at Wisconsin.

It had to be done with technique.

Luckily for me, my position coach Bill Callahan was obsessed technique.

The little things meant everything to Coach Callahan.

That was my in…

He was the toughest coach I ever had but because of him, I was able to play at a very high level.

Do you think the little things mean much to me?

They mean everything!

And if you want to reach your potential they should mean everything to you too.

So how do you start taking advantage of doing all the little things?

Pay attention to the details.

In order to do the little things right, you have to know what the right little things are.

To do that you have to pay attention to the details.

You have to LISTEN and LEARN!

When you’re at practice you need to focus on the details.

There is no close.

There is no almost.

It is or it isn’t.

You need to know exactly, to the inch, how take your steps.

How to punch that 6 inch landmark.

How to perfectly balance your stance.

Every little detail.

That’s how you continue to improve your game.

Every day.

One little thing at a time.

Learn to be disciplined.

“Shined shoes save lives.” – General Norm Schwarzkopf

General Schwarzkopf knows that in battle, under extreme pressure, the undisciplined die.

It takes incredible discipline to do the little things right day in and day out.

Many times it’s the things that no one knows you do.

Only you know.

Only you will ever know.

That’s discipline.

Doing the little things right when no one else is watching.

Learn that skill and you will always succeed.

Form habits to succeed.

Once you know the details and you learn discipline, you have the recipe to form winning habits.

Successful people get up before everyone else.

They don’t watch 6 shows every week.

They don’t play 3 hours of video games every night.

Successful people only allow themselves to form habits that help them win.

I believe you can from a new habit in 30 days.

In just 30 days you can create habits that can make you successful.

What habits will you form?

Will they move you closer to your goals?

Or will they move you farther away from your goals?

The choice is yours.

Use your attention to details and your discipline and form habits that win.

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Play Big!


Coach Steve

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