Staying Motivated During the Grind of a Season

Staying Motivated During the Grind of a Season

Saying motivated during a football season can be difficult.

When you reach that 4th or 5th week of the season in high school, practice is a grind.

Add a tough loss to the mix and it can be downright brutal.

Staying motivated to improve and preparing to win is essential.

In today’s video we discuss a few ways of staying motivated during the grind.

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4 Ways of Staying Motivated

Take care of your body.

As the football season progresses, players’ bodies take a beating.

When your body isn’t right, it plays on your mind.

Be sure to take care of any injuries and sore muscles.

If you regularly ice and treat your aches and pains practices and games won’t be as much of a grind.

Take a break.

Find a day to get away from football.

Good coaches know when their team needs a break.

Players need to know when to take a break too.

During the season this is tough.

If you get a day off take advantage and do something to relax.

Just the mental break from thinking about football can have a huge impact on staying motivated during your season.

Pick each other up.

The best motivation comes from the guys you spend time with in the trenches.

Be a great teammate.

When you see someone who is struggling mid-season, pick them up.

We all want to manly and tough football players.

That doesn’t mean we don’t need help sometimes.

The mental part of the game is just as important as the physical.

Nothing helps you stay motivated more than having great teammates.

Remember to have fun.

Playing football is fun.

Being on a football team is fun.

Sometimes we get so caught up in preparing to win that we forget we need to have fun.

Coaches need to realize this more than anyone.

As a coach, I know I have been guilty of sucking the fun out of a practice.

It’s a delicate balance but we need to have fun everyday.

If not, a team just won’t reach it’s potential.

So have fun!

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Play Big!


Coach Steve

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