4 Ways for Dealing with Temptation

4 Ways for Dealing with Temptation

Dealing with temptation is a test of a person’s ability to choose good instead of evil.

If you play sports then the goal is always to win and become the best player you can be, right?

Otherwise why play this difficult game?

I know temptation all too well and have dealt with it my entire life as you all will as well.

Temptation is something that can take us from our goal.

I am going to explain how temptation took over at times in my life.

There are ways to help keep temptations to a minimum that will help you to reach your goals.

In today’s video I discuss a few ways of dealing with temptation.

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4 Ways of Dealing with Temptation

1. Have solid goals

Set goals and track your progress as you work towards achieving them.

The temptations that I had when I was a young football player were distractions that kept me from some of my goals.

But part of the problem was that I did not have very well defined goals.

It could have been because of this lack of defined goals that temptation was such a problem for me.

It would be very easy for me to blame my parents and others.

However, the fact is they were doing the best that they could at the time and I was the one that kept choosing not to be focused on any goals.

So with that said it is very important that you get as concise and detailed goals as you can.

It’s important to realize that goals are one way to help you keep the temptations at a minimum.

Make yourself accountable by setting your goals publicly.

Motivate others through detailing your progress and interact with like-minded individuals who are are on a similar path.

2. Surround yourself with like minded people

Find people that want to succeed the same as you.

As I mention in the video, we can choose to become like-minded with losers just as well as we can become like-minded with winners.

We get to choose who we feel is a loser and who is a winner based on the goals that they each have set.

3. Get Help

There are mentors, coaches, teachers, pastors, uncles, aunts, and many others that understand how much temptation can move you away from your goals.

They understand because they have had to deal with temptation too.

There is NO shame in asking for help.

But the shame does come when you ask for help and then choose not to accept or refuse to learn from the help you get.

Many people ask for help and then refuse to use it.

This is something to watch for because the temptations you are facing are what is swaying you from taking the help.

When we ask for help it does not mean we need to fully accept the help we get and buy into it 100% because every one of us is different in what our experiences have been.

What I suggest is that you ask for help, listen to the help, and figure a way to absorb it by writing it down.

Some help I have gotten I have thrown in the garbage right away.

Unfortunately, down the road I have realized that I should have kept it and used it.

At the time, I just couldn’t understand it.

So don’t just give up on the help immediately but put it somewhere so that you can think about it and use it when you’re ready.

4. Realize your football career is short

This is a tough one for all football players and other sport athletes as well.

Many athletic careers are over once they are done with high school.

Those that are able to go on and play in college add only 4 to 5 years to their career and those that make it to the NFL rarely add on 3 more years.

So in a normal life span of 70+ years, most football players play about 6 years of football.

This is such a short time in a person’s life.

If you were to ask most players what football meant to them you would hear that it was 6 years that changed their lives.

Because players have such a limited window for a career, it’s important for to realize how temptation can and will mess with their goals.

I have listed some of the temptations that were large in my life when I was a young football player.

  1. The couch
  2. Desserts
  3. Friends that did not have my back
  4. Girls
  5. Drugs and Alcohol
  6. Goofing around in class and not taking school seriously
  7. TV “now video games are big ones”
  8. NOT Going to bed on time
  9. Staying out late with my friends
  10. To not be honest about what I was really thinking and wanting to do

These are a few but they are the ones that seemed to haunt me the most.

Not all of them are “bad” or “Evil” as you can probably see but they are temptations that kept me from my goals.

Temptations are something that you can no completely eliminate!

What is important is to understand the temptations in your life and how they are affecting your goals.

Again football is a difficult sport.

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline if you want to be really good

These are some suggestions to help you all in your quest to “Play Big”… if that is your goal.

Coming very soon we will be adding more in-depth articles in our membership site. Please get your membership now so you can get access.

Have a great day and remember to always “Play Big”

Coach Glenn

Coach Glenn