Being Coachable is a Necessity for Success

Being Coachable is a Necessity for Success

Why is being coachable such an important trait to have? Is this something learned or do we just have it?

One thing we know for sure…

Being coachable is necessary for success.

Our caretakers (moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandmas and grandpas, teachers, coaches etc.) are the ones that usually dictate how coachable we are.

If we had caretakers that themselves were coachable, the chances are we will follow their example.

What do uncoachable athletes look like?

Athletes that struggle with being coachable tend to be the ones that are looking at the mistakes of the team.

They complain a lot about things out of their control such as referees, leaders on teams, coaches and organizations, other teams and how they look or perform.

Athletes who do not understand being coachable will be the ones that don’t comply with the team’s direction because they feel they have a better way.

All of their focus in on themselves.

When they face adversity they look to blame rather than take responsibility.

What do coachable athletes look like?

Athlete who understand being coachable tend to look at their own roles and see where they could improve.

They work hard at finding a way to perform better for their team.

Even though they may disagree with others, they look at what they can do to help the team become better.

They put the team first and understand that the team’s success will help create individual success.

They are athletes that spend more time working than complaining.

They understand that adversity is part of the game and they actually look forward to finding ways to overcome adversity.

Players who are coachable also have a greater potential to be a leader.

The ability to learn from other leaders is how we become leaders ourselves.

Even if we do not desire a leadership position we can be the leaders on the team that show up, work hard and lead by example.

This type of leaders are very common on championship teams and they have the respect of all those around them.

Many great teams have the ability to go through really tough times early in the season and then towards the end they go on runs to win championships.

Being coachable during the tough adverse times is so important to success of the season as a whole.

Compassion and Coachability

For the above reasons I am convinced that nothing will set a coachable person or a leader apart more than being compelled by compassion.

When we are compassionate towards others we will open our minds to understanding big pictures (the entire season).

When we are into our self wants, we tend to only see what is right in front of us (small picture).

In our seasons we will face many adversities and if we are looking at the small picture it is much more difficult to overcome adversity.

Compassion is seeing what others see, hearing what others hear, and feeling what others feel.

When we are willing to enter into another person’s life and into their pain, we are able to be moved with compassion.

Compassion does not eliminate the importance of other great traits of leadership.

We should strive to influence all elements of our leadership with compassion:

Confidence with compassion

Competence with compassion

Authority with compassion

Intensity with compassion

Follow-through with compassion

Due diligence with compassion

Leading with compassion

Today, ask yourself to see, hear, and speak with compassion.

Learn to grow and develop so that you will have compassion toward those we encounter. Learn to hold compassion as an influence in all aspects of leadership.


4 Characteristics of a Leader Who is Growing in Their Teachability

Ongoing Humility: Many times, our own mistakes move us to great humility. The world calls it weakness, but it is authentic strength.

Learning to Learn: Growing in teachability involves us learning to learn from our authentic self as well as others. The result is that we will become wiser the longer we live.

Gaining Wisdom: We discover wisdom from paying attention to who we are, meditate upon it, and practice our learning skills. When we do this, our future is limitless and our hope abounds.

Growing Daily: Remember to use your time wisely to focus on who and what kind of person you are meant to be. Other people’s mistakes as well as successes can help shape the vision that comes from your heart.

If your desire is to become a great athlete we challenge you need to spend time learning to become coachable.

If you had caretakers that were not coachable people that does not mean you can not become coachable.

It takes practice, energy towards learning, and practice.

Did I mention practice?

Yes, I think I did and this is so important in changing your viewpoints as well as your behavior.

Great athletes learn and grow and use practice to better themselves.

The beauty of us having free will is that we have the opportunity on a daily basis to change our behavior and to learn from mistakes.

Being coachable will help you not only in sports but will help you in your career and relationships.

Take time to learn and if you need to ask Steve or I any questions please do not hesitate to ask or comment.

Work Hard, Play Big!

Coach Glenn

Coach Glenn

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