Balancing Sports, Academics and Social Life

Balancing Sports, Academics and Social Life

Balancing sports and academics and your social life requires a plan and help from mentors.

I would love to tell you when I was a competing athlete that I was well balanced.

That was not the case and the mentors in my life tried to help me but I refused to take that help.

If there is one thing that I would like a re-do in life it would have been to listen about balancing sports and academics and my social life.

Today in my life, I see the importance of balance.

Coaches can and should help your athlete to learn some balance.

Preparation is the key to success. If you wait until last minute you will NOT perform to your potential.

Balance requires a plan. Each year, month, week and day needs a thought out plan.

Most people have several priorities but I’m guessing your young athlete’s goes something like this:Balancing Sports and Academics
1. Sports
2. Social
3. School
4. Family
5. Spiritual
6. The Rest

If your priorities are like the above or something different that is fine.

This is a starting point.

That one was mine and now it looks much different:
1. Spiritual
2. Me
3. Career
4. Family
5. Social
6. Th Rest

Each one of these priorities should have a % placed on them.

Then when sitting down each week you can assign appropriate times.

For instance, in the off-season you will work just as hard but not so many hours as wen you are in-season.

Finals or test times you will need to change percentage much higher for academics.

I know it’s “cliche” but having an assignment notebook, reminder log on your phone and/or any number of tools that are available will greatly help you.

I watched athletes such as Don Davey and Joel Hilgenberg who were not only popular, successful athletes but also successful in life.

In Don Davey’s case, he was a very high GPA student in engineering.

They had their priorities as such and were able to do things many of us don’t because of being out of balance.

In my case because my balance sheet was out of order I tended to put too much % in social which affected all the other priorities.

Proper balance with your time will allow your athlete to be successful in all areas of their lives.

It does however require discipline and the ability to say no to some things.

I have yet to meet someone in all the years I’ve been around who ever regretted being in balance and being able to say no to things that did not build them to be better people.

But I have met thousands who have regrets because they did not listen, learn and build a balanced priority list.

It’s your athlete’s  choice, which one will you help them choose?

Work Hard, Play Big!

Coach Glenn

Coach Glenn

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