Tuesday in the Trenches

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5 Questions to Help Set Your Goals

1/3/17 - What should you consider when setting your goals? In today's episode we discuss 5 questions that will help you set your goals.

NFL Lineman Nick Hayden

11/29/16 - Former Wisconsin Badger and NFL Lineman Nick Hayden joins us on this episode. We discuss Nick's path to the NFL and his thoughts on the safety of the game.

Athletes and Social Media

11/22/16 - How can athletes better handle their social media? In today's episode we discuss some tips for athletes using social media.

How to Win in the Off-Season

11/15/16 - Championships are won in the off-season. In this episode we discuss a few tips for winning in the off-season.

What Does "B team" Mean?

11/8/16 - What does it mean to be on the "B team"? How can we help our kids understand this system of play? And how can we as parents deal with a kid on the B team?

Are Offensive Linemen Skilled?

11-1-16 - Are offensive linemen skilled players? Find out why we think they are and what skills kids can be working on year-round.


Teaching Kids Leadership

10/11/16 -  The ability to lead is a skill that found in almost every successful athlete. In this episode we discuss how to be a better leader.

Learning Sportsmanship

10/4/16 - Sportsmanship is all about respect. In this episode we discuss a few ways coaches and parents can help build sportsmanship in football.