Mental Training for Athletes: Part 1

Mental Training For Athletes- part1

As a coach it’s important to not only teach the physical skills of the game but also to provide mental training for athletes. Mental training for athletes can have a huge impact on their success in sports and in life. I recently read an article by Jack Lesyk from the Ohio Center for Sport Psychology and found it very…

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Being Coachable is a Necessity for Success

Being Coachable

Why is being coachable such an important trait to have? Is this something learned or do we just have it? One thing we know for sure… Being coachable is necessary for success. Our caretakers (moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandmas and grandpas, teachers, coaches etc.) are the ones that usually dictate how coachable we are. If…

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Coaching Kids: What If You Don’t Agree With The Coach

Coaching Kids

Coaching kids is a not easy. There are always challenges. Many times we see things in a different perspective than the coaches on the field. I know for me there are times that I think I know more than a coach and I watch how they deal with my child and I get very frustrated.…

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Balancing Sports, Academics and Social Life

Balancing Sports and Academics

Balancing sports and academics and your social life requires a plan and help from mentors. I would love to tell you when I was a competing athlete that I was well balanced. That was not the case and the mentors in my life tried to help me but I refused to take that help. If there…

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