New Year’s Resolutions… Will You Persevere?

Will You Persevere

Perseverance was the word of the day we used this past week in our trench training session. This was a powerful word that I had not thought of for a while and I found that it has everything to do with our tradition of starting New Years resolutions. We need to learn to persevere through…

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Dealing with a Lack of Playing Time

playing time

Recently, a mother of  a player asked me about playing time. Her son plays Sophomore (JV), is playing both ways, and is doing very well. He was asked to dress for the varsity game on Friday night and he did. The varsity team was winning by a lot and the coach put in all the players with the…

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4 Ways for Dealing with Temptation


Dealing with temptation is a test of a person’s ability to choose good instead of evil. If you play sports then the goal is always to win and become the best player you can be, right? Otherwise why play this difficult game? I know temptation all too well and have dealt with it my entire…

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Mental Training for Athletes: Part 2

Mental Training for Athletes- Part 2

The second part of Mental training is all about performance. The information I am focusing on in this article is based on research by Dr. Jack Lesyk’s and his article on Dr. Jack Lesyk, Ph.D. Uses a performance chart that makes a lot of sense to me in how you become a high performing athlete. His…

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