5 Time Management Tips for Student Athletes

Time Management Tips

We can all use a few time management tips, right? As a student athlete, time management can be very difficult. Sports continue to become more and more demanding on your kids time. It’s critical for your athlete to keep perspective on what’s important and not get burned out. That is, however, easier said than done.…

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Do You Know Your Role?

Know Your Role

How important is it to know your role on a team? Everyone on a team has a role. Regardless of the sport. In football, with 11 players on the field, knowing your role and understanding the roles of others is essential. My college football coach said it well… “Know your role. Know where you fit…

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5 Types of Coaches that Make Us Crazy

types of coaches

If you are around sports long enough you get to meet many different types of coaches. Some good, some bad, some crazy. Some that make us crazy. Before we get into discussing the types of coaches that drive us crazy I want to say that I admire every coach. Being a coach is a very…

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4 Questions to Distiguish Muscle Soreness from Injury

muscle soreness

The start of football practice brings so many exciting things. Getting your helmet & pads, putting on your practice jersey for the first time, seeing all your friends that you haven’t seen much over the summer, meeting new coaches… There’s also the not so exciting things like gassers, cross fields, sprint ladders, sit-ups, pushups, and…

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