The Decline of Offensive Line Play

Offensive Line Play

Last week I had a chance to go to the Wisconsin Football Coaches Clinic and talk to coaches about offensive line play. It’s always great to network and talk football with other coaches. Coach Glenn and I had a chance to speak to quite a few college coaches and we heard many voicing the same…

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Why is Core Strength Important for Your Athlete?

Core Strength

Why is core strength important for your athlete? First we need to explain what we mean by “core muscles”. There are varying definitions but without going all fitness geek on you let’s see if we can simplify. The “core” consists of all the muscles form the armpit to the hip bone including both the front and…

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When Should You Start Strength Training for Kids?

Strength Training for Kids

Strength training for kids has always been a controversial topic. We all want what is best for our kids. Unfortunately, when it comes to athletics, we don’t always know what’s best. We want our kids to become the best that they can be. The question we want to have answered is how young should they begin…

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Does Parent Coaching from the Bleachers Help?

Parent Coaching

Is a parent coaching from the bleachers helping their child’s performance? The answer is no and in many cases parents who yell instructions from the sidelines actually have a negative impact on their athletes performance. Parents always want to see their children succeed. That’s the reason we are so passionate about watching our kids play…

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