Why is Hip Flexibility Important for Linemen?

hip flexibility

Hip flexibility is the number one thing we at Trench Training hear about from college coaches. How are their hips? Do they play with their pads out? Can they change direction? These are some of the most common questions college coaches are asking when they watch video of recruits. Size, strength and power all factor…

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5 Ways of Teaching Kids Leadership

teaching kids leadership

Teaching kids leadership is often a topic we don’t spend enough time on as parents and coaches. The ability to lead is a skill that found in almost every successful athlete. There are many ways to be a leader. Some leaders are quiet, some are loud and others lead without a sound. In any case there…

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Learning Sportsmanship in Football

sportsmanship in football

Sportsmanship in football is all about respect. Players have to have respect for their teammates, coaches, officials, and opponents. As we have said many times, football is a very emotional sport. It can be difficult for players to keep their composure and make good decisions. This past weekend I watched #3 Louisville vs. #5 Clemson. It…

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Staying Motivated During the Grind of a Season

staying motivated

Saying motivated during a football season can be difficult. When you reach that 4th or 5th week of the season in high school, practice is a grind. Add a tough loss to the mix and it can be downright brutal. Staying motivated to improve and preparing to win is essential. In today’s video we discuss…

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