5 Questions To Ask When Setting Goals

setting goals

This time of year we all think about what our goals are for the new year. We also reflect on the previous year. Unfortunately we often dwell too long on our failures instead of building on our successes. While it’s good t reflect on the previous year, you have to keep your focus forward. As…

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Why We Are Grateful For Football

Why Are We Grateful

During the holiday season we all tend to reflect a bit more. We think a lot about all the things for which we are grateful. In today’s post Coach Glenn and I want to let you know why we are grateful for football and what it has meant to us. Why Coach Glenn is Grateful…

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The Little Things Matter

The Little Things

The little things don’t matter. Does it really matter if my stance is perfectly balanced? Do I really need to get my hands on that exact spot for my block? Does my first step really have to be 4 inches? What’s the big deal? These are such little things that can’t matter that much, right?…

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Peer Pressure in Teens

peer pressure in teens

Peer pressure in teens today I think can better be described as peer influence. It’s less about being pressured to something against your will. I believe kids are stronger willed today than ever before and have much more information to draw from when making choices. Peer pressure is more about being influenced by the actions or…

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